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Student services and support programs

Meringandan State School Chaplaincy Program
A chaplaincy program is an optional service introduced into Meringandan State School to provide students, staff and parents with support which may have a religious and/or spiritual component. Chaplaincy services provide an additional adult role model in schools. Whilst personally modelling and owning their own faith positions or belief, chaplains avoid any implications that any one religion, denomination or other set of beliefs is advantageous or superior to any other denomination, religion or belief.
Our chaplaincy program is compatible with policies and practices that apply to delivery of any service in a multi-faith and multicultural state school community. A chaplaincy program is inclusive of and shows respect for all religious and non-religious beliefs and other stances represented in the school community. All activities and events provided within a chaplaincy program are non-discriminatory and equitably available to students of all beliefs who choose to participate.
Religious Instruction is not part of a school's chaplaincy program and occurs only in accordance with legislation and departmental policy.